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Welcome to The Social Forge Podcast. Our podcast is focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses grow. 

Our podcast will include audio versions of our Facebook Live show, The Social Gab which airs live on Wednesdays at 10 AM on the SocialMediaWright Facebook page.

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May 16, 2019

If you have been listening to our podcasts we like to start each episode with an inspiring quote from an entrepreneur or thought leader from around the world.

This Weeks Inspiring Quote is attributed to Paul Rand who said: “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.”

If this is your first time joining us on The Social Forge and you are looking for some inspiration, you can go to the SocialMediaWright website, we will have a link in the show notes and look for the menu button marked inspiration.

We have collected between 100-200 quotes from business leaders and entrepreneurs in a great graphic image that you can download or share on social media.

We also publish a new quote every morning at 7 AM on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Topics This Week:

  • In our Business Section: Business Learning
  • In our Website Development Section: Video SEO
  • In our Social Media Marketing: Facebook Communities

Business Section

Resources mentioned:


Website Development Section

Resources Mentioned


Social Media Marketing Section

Resources Mentioned

  • Tribes by Seth Godin.
  • Seth said a tribe is “a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea”
  • "to become a tribe people need only a shared interest and a way to communicate"
  • Facebook Groups 
  • what type of group do you want to have: Public, Closed and Secret
  • a Public group anyone can find the group, see who’s in it and what they post
  • A Closed group anyone can find the group and see who runs it. Only members can see who’s in it and what they post
  • A Secret group only members can find the group, see who’s in it and what they post 
  • if you have chosen a closed group you can ask up to three questions of prospective members requiring answers for consideration for joining a group
  • you also can establish rules for the group and should to ensure that everyone feels safe to share ideas in the group
  • if people can’t follow the rules, eject them so that the group, by and large, won’t suffer
  • you can also determine the level of approval things require before they are posted in the group
  • there are a number of categories for the groups and depending on the one you choose can offer additional elements
  • for example, we have an entrepreneurs group called Reserved Parking
  • so our group category is social learning which allows us to have different units which we use as subject areas so we can have a unit dedicated to Local SEO and one dedicated to YouTube so members can focus in on the areas they are most concerned with in building their business


We want to close out every show with this thought. If you are not bringing value to the party, what are you bringing? We recognize that you pay us with your time, listening to the show and we hope that we have been able to offer you some value in ways to help grow your business.

If you are looking for a place to share ideas on how to grow your business with other entrepreneurs. Consider joining the SocialMediaWright Entrepreneurs Facebook Group, called Reserved Parking. You can find the link on the SocialMediaWrights Facebook page.

If you like the show, please subscribe to it so you do not miss a future episode. We will be back next week and until then everyone have a great week.